What Is a Roof Certification?

Today we are going to look at crucial information that you need to know about roof certification. Let’s say you are thinking of purchasing a real estate property and you want to ensure you are investing into a solid house. Having a roof certification will ensure that you are not going to have a surprise expense that can cost between $10 -$20 thousand dollars. Since the sellers are not required to replace their falling roofs before selling their houses, not all contracts require a roof certification. For this reason, you as the buyer should be aware of what to expect when purchasing a house with a faulty roof. Making an educated decision can give you the peace of mind you and your family deserve while making this big life decision.


Why a roof certification is important:

It is crucial for you to understand exactly what roof certification is and whether you need one. A roof certification is not the same as a home inspection. Many individuals often confuse this, but it is good to understand that when home inspections are conducted, the inspections are not thorough enough to merit a roof certification.

When you request for a roof certification, the inspector will climb on the roof and check for the following things:

• The inspector will examine and take note of the condition of the roof construction materials.

• The other thing that the inspector will examine is if there are presences of roof ridges. If there are ridges, the inspector will take note and report it.

• Some of the other thing that the inspector will check is the presence of cracks, caps, or missing tiles. If any of these things are present, the inspector will include it in the report.

• Additionally, the roof inspector will examine and indicate the condition of the drainage, valleys, HVAC mounting, chimneys, gutters, and overall quality of the roof.


If the roof inspector finds that the roof is in good condition, he will report this issue and estimate how long the roof can stay in that condition. After that, you are issued with a roof certification, and this certificate will remain viable for about 2-5 years depending on the terms of the company.

If the roof requires any repairs, you can negotiate with the seller. The seller can get the roof repaired then get it certified later. He can also ask for the price of the repairs estimated and you can get a reduced price for the house. This will offset the money that you will use to get the roof repaired. Regardless of how you view it, getting the roof inspected will give you all the relevant information about what you are getting into, regarding the quality of the roof.

The best thing about the roof repairs is that they do not cost a lot. After all getting it done may save you a lot of money in the future. Remember asking for a roof certificate will help you to avoid purchasing a house that has roof problems. Since you cannot assess by yourself, you need to consider hiring an expert. The good news is that we can offer you with the peace of mind you deserve. After all, you do not have to risk your hard-earned cash by purchasing a home with a roof that starts leaking after a few months.


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